Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic Adjustment


The adjustment uses a controlled force applied in the joint plane to restore proper motion to the restricted joints causing a reduction in pain and muscle spasm. Chiropractic physicians have been trained on when and where to use this technique to achieve the best results possible. Chiropractic care is a natural alternative that can help a wide variety of issues, such as low back pain, headaches, neck pain, postural syndromes, scoliosis, and many others. We offer manual adjusting here at Pure Motion Sports and Spine as well as the Activator System, which is low force. We feel this gives our doctor an option for treatment that is tailored to the individual needs of the patient.

Active Release Technique

Pure Motion Sports and Spine offers Active Release Technique. ART is a rehabilitative form of soft tissue massage used to remove scar tissue adhesions, and fibrous bands within the soft-tissue of our muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These adhesions/fibrous bands form from overuse or injury to any tissue in the body. ART is movement based, and the chiropractor takes the muscle from a shortened state to an elongated state while sweeping along the tissue with their thumb to break up the scar tissue adhesions. This removes the pain from the tissues in a dramatically shorter healing time! For most patients ART is an alternative to shots, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatories. Chiropractors at PMSS take additional hours to be qualified to perform this specialized treatment. At Pure Motion we feel chiropractic and ART work in conjunction to achieve more pain free movements in the joints and the surrounding tissues. This gives us the ability to work on any muscle, tendon, or ligament issue in the body as well as spinal issues!

Dry Needling

In cases when dry needling is used by Chiropractors, it is typically one technique that’s part of a larger treatment plan. We use dry needling with the goal of releasing or inactivating trigger points to relieve pain or improve range of motion. Preliminary research supports that dry needling improves pain control, reduces muscle tension, and normalizes dysfunctions of the motor end plates, the sites at which nerve impulses are transmitted to muscles. This can help speed up the patient’s return to active rehabilitation.

Graston Technique


This instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization technique is used to find and remove fibrous adhesions. This technique reaches a different level of tissue than the hand can get to and remove the unwanted restrictions and allow ease of movement to the area. The Graston tools remove the “tight” feeling people have caused by the binding of scar tissue. The Graston tools allow the clinician to reach a deeper level of tissue for remolding while still keeping the patient tolerance in mind.

Kinesio or Rocktape Taping


At PMSS we also utilize Kinesio-taping protocols for a variety of conditions. The taping is used to facilitate circulation, give support, or aid in prohibiting over-contraction of the muscle. The taping can also pinpoint the source of pain and provide pain relief. The doctor has learned specific shapes or orientations to apply the tape to achieve desired results.

Functional Rehabilitation

One key component that is in any treatment plan is corrective exercises. These can be very minimal or advanced based on the patient’s activity level, injury diagnosis, and functional assessment. These are given as soon as the patients’ pain level subsides. Having the muscle re- engage is key to success.


Gentle Care/ Low Force Activator


We care for the elderly, children, or anyone here that prefers low force chiropractic adjusting styles. Dr. Jenna uses the activator tool when appropriate with no crunching or cracking just a safe, easy, effective adjustment. Dr. Jenna wants to do whatever technique is right for the patient and we are equipped to do that.



Young Athlete Care

Nutritional Advice Upon Request