Please Access the link to the New Patient paperwork below, simply fill it out online before your appointment. Thanks! This saves time on your first visit. We also have copies here if you don’t have the capability to do it in our online system, just arrive early.

New Patients

What to Expect?

First Visit: allows 40 minutes for examination and treatment if indicated

Follow Up Visits: allows 20-30 minutes for Sessions

Please Bring Athletic Shorts or a tank top for treatment

Simply click the link to the left, which will take you to our online patient intake form. Please note, some patients have experienced difficulty filling out this form on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Due to this, a desktop computer is recommended for filling out the intake form.

When to Arrive and What to Bring?

Arriving about 10 minutes before your first appointment is necessary to give the receptionist and patient coordinator time to get your insurance information.

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