Please Access the link to the New Patient paperwork below, simply fill it out online before your appointment. Thanks! This saves time on your first visit. We also have copies here if you don’t have the capability to do it in our online system, just arrive early.

New Patients

What to Expect?

Here at Pure Motion Sports and Spine we are committed to offering fast, same-day appointments to help you find relief from your pain as quickly as possible. At our office we treat many conditions you may not consider chiropractic. Along with low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, we help alleviate the pain with headaches, foot pain, elbow tendonitis, knee problems, and shoulder injuries! Welcome to a different kind of chiropractic care!

You will notice a difference that starts at the front door with our helpful staff and welcoming environment at PMSS. I have a passion for helping patients re-engage in activities that were causing them pain previously. Whether it is an athlete, working mom, or senior citizen wishing for pain-free movement. We will get you there!

All patients at Pure Motion Sports and Spine are scheduled for a FREE consultation to see if your condition is treatable at our office and the doctor will detail the treatment protocols and care to alleviate your pain. X-rays are only taken when necessary in our office. X-rays are required for those over 60 yoa to rule our degenerative changes or pathology. Next we will assess your condition using the most current functional exam to give you a diagnosis. There is no waiting for your first treatment. We will begin treatment on Day 1, and give you some pain relieving techniques to help you feel pain-free quickly.

When to Arrive and What to Bring?

Arriving about 15 minutes before your first appointment is necessary to give the receptionist and patient coordinator time to get your insurance information, make copies of your drivers’ license, and insurance card. Please bring those. This will also allow for any extra time needed to finish up paperwork for the doctor’s information. Our staff will ask you for your email to send you paperwork for your first appointment so you can have it all filled out and ready for your visit!

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